fall in love with yourself

18. Rio de Janeiro. Tourism Student. Super hardcore Pmore fan. Getting healthy. Love document moments. Followed by, my role-model, Hayley Williams on Twitter.

Can it be next month already? Last saturday got Ain’t It Fun Vinyl n’ my AWKIF vinyl is finally coming home in a few days. Love how my Pmore collection is growing… hate how i’m so broken rn. Priority.
Cabo Frio, of course.
Forfun. (02/08/14)
It’s a good day to listening to your favorite albums.
Hey moon, please forget to fall down…. hey moon, don’t you go down.
Nap time.
Finally a cold night.
Ray-ban Folding Clubmaster.
5:43 AM yesterday hangin’ w/ friends after a Carnaval party. - No sleep, party hard.